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Brand new model from the rigid range, the 444 is handy, compact and super reactive!

Up to 5 people on board, numerous storage to fit your picnic, towels or watergames. With its sharp hull perfect in the choppy waters and its incredible maneuverability, it‘s the ideal model for the sporty getaways shared with friends and family.


This is the most luxurious model of the WaveBoat Series.


Spacious and user-friendly, this model has all the qualities of an open boat. A wide space in the front, fresh water shower head, sink, a powerfull look, a high bow, but above all, a design definitly dedicated to the comfort of its 7 passengers. This is the perfect model for a large Family and group of friends.


Designed for 6 people, spread between the boat and the jet ski.

With its two back sunbeds, its removable table in the front (allowing you to welcome between 4 to 6 people all around), it’s the ideal companion for fun outings with friends and family.


Thanks to its  Category C certification, it allows you to sail in both salt and freshwater, where you’ll appreciate its versatility practicing towed sports.


Available in 2 models, the 575 and the 626, accomadating 8 and 10 people respectively, the RIB is the greatest partner for group outings. Hypalon tubes for more longevity, a perfect seakeeping and a low draft allowing access to any cove but above all an unequaled power to weight ratio ! With its sleek design the RIB combines sensation and practicality.


The Wave Boat Pro series allows rescue operations in previously 

inacessible areas with a conventional boat. It can navigate in very little depth, in rough waters, thanks to its low draft, maneuverability and speed.

We developed a complete range of effective and adaptable boats to meet the requirements of professionals Military, Rescue, etc..

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